Wilton Paints the Town Pink

This past Sunday, our #WiltonSoccerCares event reminded us all again exactly what we love so much about Wilton and our Wilton Soccer community of players, families, friends and neighbors.

When the WHS Varsity Soccer teams approached WSA with an idea to extend our #OneTownOneTeam slogan into a charity youth soccer clinic to benefit Stamford Health’s Paint the Town Pink! Campaign, we were all in.  What a great idea…WHS varsity soccer role models, WSA aspiring players ages 5-10 years and a great cause …just like that, #WiltonSoccerCares was born. 

The event enjoyed an absolutely perfect afternoon of sunshine, a great playlist and most of all, big smiles.  The love among the “big” varsity players and the “little” WSA players warmed the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure to watch. Remarkably, not that long ago our varsity players were “little” WSA players themselves… time sure does fly, especially in context of soccer season cycles.  

While all had an amazing time on the field, the event also successfully served its larger purpose, to raise awareness and funds for Stamford Health’s Paint the Town Pink! campaign for breast cancer screening, early detection and to celebrate breast cancer survivors and their families.  The efforts of our varsity teams with the support of our WSA community raised over $1,000, of which 100% will be delivered to Stamford Health. Thank you to all that contributed!





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